Shave Ice

Kihei is right in the hottest and driest part of Hawaii’s hottest and driest island, so you can’t be blamed for cooling off with that famous and colourful sweet treat, shave ice.

For the uninitiated this is literally shaved ice crystals, and nothing hits the spot better on a hot day.

Shave ice is flavoured with tropical fruit syrups like mango, guava, passion fruit, coconut and many more.

A “snow cap” is when condensed milk is drizzled on the top. Kihei is one of the top places in the entire state to go for shave ice, and many of Hawaii’s favourite chains have a location here.

You’ve got Ululani’s (61 S Kihei Rd), Local Boys Shave Ice (1941 S Kihei Rd), Surfing Monkey Shave Ice (1881 S Kihei Rd) and Gus’ Hawaiian Shave Ice (75 Alanui Ke’ali’i).